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Supertone is an AI audio technology startup established in March 2020 to provide creators with better and more diverse sounds. Supertone is creating an innovative content production environment by researching and developing technologies that clone human voices, create voices that have never existed in the world, and separate voice from noise.


Controllable Voice Conversion

CVC (Controllable Voice Conversion) is technology that can convert one's voice into any target voice. Based on this technology, Supertone developed the project "NUVO," which can convert your voice into any arbitrary voice of your choice in real-time.

Singing Voice Synthesis

SVS (Singing Voice Synthesis) is the world's first commercialized singing voice synthesis technology. SVS can create a vocal track by cloning one’s tone or designing a new voice. By using it, Supertone restored legendary folk singer Kim Kwang-seok's voice.

Real-Time Speech Enhancement

RTSE (Real-Time Speech Enhancement) is AI-based technology that helps you focus on the voice in noisy and reverberant environments in real-time. It aims to help audio editors or live streamers who suffer from unintended noise.


Supertone restored the voice of 'Turtleman' on Mnet program <Once Again>
Supertone restored the voice of 'Kim Kwang-seok' on SBS program <AI vs Human>


CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree: Software & Mobile Apps
ICASSP 2021 Deep Noise Suppression Challenge 3rd place
Best Paper Awards @INTERSPEECH2019


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